Johns Creek Outdoor Lighting and Installation

Welcome to your one-stop-shop for outdoor lighting and installation in Johns Creek. Mobile Joe's Landscaping has over 20 years of experience in landscaping and landscape lighting. Our installations are focused on providing customers with lighting that suits every garden need. There are various types of lighting fixtures which you can incorporate into your landscape and garden. It is important to choose the right lighting for specific areas and the desired effect.

Outdoor lighting can reflect your personal tastes, provide a practical benefit or both. Ultimately the choice is yours, but Mobile Joe's Landscaping can help you make the best choices. We do not make guesses when it comes to the right lighting for your landscape. Our landscape architect will come to your Johns Creek home and create detailed drawings of your landscape. When all the drawings are complete incorporating your lighting scheme, we will discuss cost estimations with you.

Landscape Lights

Landscape lights will provide you with greater access to your garden at night. When you have a lot of landscape features, it’s difficult to get around without bumping into or tripping over hazards. With landscape lights in the right areas, you can enjoy your Johns Creek outdoor living space no matter how dark the evenings get.

There is also a great security benefit to having landscape lights. They highlight darkened areas of your garden, which are notorious for providing cover to house breakers. Children are extremely vulnerable to injury when your landscape is darker. Landscapes with ponds and water features present a particular danger, so having landscape lighting will provide an essential safety feature to help avoid accidents.

Bring your landscape to life with spectacular lighting schemes from Mobile Joe's Landscaping. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and we will come out to your Johns Creek home and draw up the initial plans.