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Stone walls with various vegetation

Whether it is one foot or twelve feet, a retaining wall is typically used to solve major landscaping problems such as soil erosion and flooding. However, a retaining wall that is well-constructed and installed by a landscaping professional can add both beauty and function. The question is: do you need a retaining wall on your personal property?

Here are some top signs you need to consider this valued landscaping element:

#1 Your Property is on a Hill or Steep Slope

A retaining can create a level space to make your property more usable, whether it is a patio, more parking, a sport court or just an even grass area.

#2 You Need to Prevent Erosion and Flooding

If your landscape is displaying signs of erosion, such as migrating soil/mulch, exposed tree roots and loss of dirt around your home foundation, a retaining wall can prevent further damage.

#3 You Need to Control and Divert Rainwater

One of the ways that a retaining wall can prevent erosion is by diverting or channeling falling rainwater into a more optimal place on your property that doesn’t cause damage to your home or landscape.

#4 You Want to Add Definition and Esthetics to an Existing Hill

Retaining walls come in various sizes and materials. A retaining wall can define a slope on your property and provide multiple levels or terraces for a more aesthetically-pleasing yard.

#5 You Need Extra Seating

Believe it or not, a well-engineered retaining wall can help create unique spaces on your commercial or residential landscape while adding places for you and your guests to sit at the same time.

At Mobile Joe’s Landscaping, we realize that retaining walls can add both function and beauty. We also know that each landscape is unique in terms of structure, size and style. Therefore, we proudly offer a wide range of top quality retaining walls to choose from. Call today to schedule your retaining wall installation today!

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Bill O.

Joe Archer has built a great family business by treating his customer very well. They do a great job, are consistent, are reliable and are friendly. When we've had big family events, Joe takes as much pride in how our yard will look as we do...came by twice a week before a wedding to make sure things looked tops. Uses reel mowers, not rotary, to have the most even look. Use Mobile Joe!!!!

Michael DePadro

I have known Joe for over 10 years. In the past 10 years Joe has completed 3 large landscaping projects for us. My wife and I would never consider using anyone else as Joe does excellent work is dependable and is easily reached if you need to call him for anything. We can highly recommend Joe for any landscape design project or for excellent on going lawn care. Joe's team uses reel mowers so your lawn looks like a golf course fairway when his team is taking care of your lawn maintenance. I have recommended Joe to several friends who have used Joe for small landscape projects and for landscape projects that went into the six figure range. Everyone that I have referred to Joe has been very pleased with his work so give him a call if you are looking for a dependable landscaper.

David Borel

I was interviewing and getting proposals from landscaping companies for a full front yard renovation at my home. Joe by far seemed the most knowledgeable and experienced of the companies I spoke with - and the friendliest. He laid out different options to meet my budget. His prices were great as well. His team did a great job, showed up on time, and cleaned up where you could not even tell they were there - other than a complete beatiful new front yard landscape with stone walls, new plantings, grass, and trees. Looks awesome! Thanks Mobile Joe!

Mark French

Mobile Joe's Landscaping has taken care of all my landscaping needs for many years - and I highly recommend Joe and his team! Mobile Joe's has designed and implemented various landscape install projects as well as performed all the maintenance at each of the three homes I've owned in north Fulton beginning in the early 1990s. I have no doubt that Joe's expertise in both hardscape and softscape has added significant value to my properties and I'm extremely appreciative for all the attention to detail and great execution that Mobile Joe's Landscaping is known for here in the Roswell / Alpharetta area. These guys truly care about meeting and exceeding customer expectation!

Dona Owenby Ellis

Most fantastic Landscapers ever! Knows everything and can do anything! Very reliable, honest and hard working - great management and crews!

Ann Adcox Gazell

Mobile Joe exceeded our expectations and our vision. Love this man!! His team was so thorough. The attention to detail was phenomenal. Can't wait to hire him for another project.

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