Buckhead Outdoor Lighting and Installation

Outdoor lighting can enhance your Buckhead landscape in numerous ways. Mobile Joe's Landscaping provides expert advice on how to best utilize outdoor lighting safely and effectively. Our lighting schemes are tailored to the needs of our Buckhead, GA, customers. Whether you just want to brighten up your outdoor living space or highlight certain areas, we can provide lighting that exceeds your expectations.

Our team will come to your Buckhead home for an initial appointment, giving you the chance to give us your feedback on your vision. We will then provide you with detailed drawings, showing you the proposed layout of your new outdoor lighting scheme. As with all our services, our professional advice only serves as a guide to you so that you can make the most informed choices. Ultimately, you will have the final say in where and how you want to place your outdoor lighting.

Landscape Lights

When considering landscape lights, it is important to think about who is going to use the space. Kids can get more out of their summer evenings with lawn lighting. Adults will find hosting parties at night is a much more enjoyable experience when there are landscape lights to brighten up seating areas.

While a lot of homeowners use lights to highlight key areas and features, it is important not to over design your landscape lighting scheme. Mobile Joe's Landscaping recommends highlighting no more than one or two garden features. A mixture of ambient and spotlighting is a great idea for creating different moods in different areas of the landscape.

Find out more from your Buckhead landscape lighting experts at Mobile Joe's Landscaping. Contact Mobile Joe's Landscaping today for landscape lighting design for your Buckhead home.