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Atlanta based Mobile Joe's Landscaping is one of Atlanta's premier landscaping design and landscape service contractors. Mobile Joe's Landscaping has been serving the Atlanta area for well over 20 years. We have grown our business through word of mouth referrals and by consistantly exceeding our clients' expecations. Some of the landscaping services we offer include:

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Landscape Design - Mobile Joe's Landscaping has a deep expertise in creating detailed landscaping plans for a wide range of landscape projects. We have a landscape architect on staff and we look forward to working with you on your new landscape design.

Lawn Care - Our lawn care professionals use Reel lawn mowers to manicure your grass. Reel lawn mowers are the same mowers that golf courses use to manicure their greens and fairways.

Patios/Flagstone Patios - Our landscape design architect has designed a wide range of flagstone patios. We have designed and installed flagstone patios for very small yards and designed flagstone patios for large yards, including large flagstone patios with different levels.

Hardscapes - Mobile Joe's Landscaping has created many different types of hardscapes. We have designed hardscapes to solve drainage issues, fix erosion problems or simply make a yard more beautiful.

Retaining Walls - We are very experienced in designing and build complex retaining wall structures, repairing retaining walls and building retaining walls to enhance a yard.

Outdoor Lighting - Our landscape lighting experts can setup your landscape lighting plan to ensure that the best feature of your home or hardscape stands-out at night.

Outdoor Fireplaces - Mobile Joe's Landscaping has a reputation for building some of the most beautiful outdoor fireplaces in Georgia. We have built outdoor fireplaces and fire pits for some of the most exclusive homes in Atlanta.

Irrigation Systems - Our irrigation experts have installed and repaired all types and sizes of irrigation systems. If you need a new irrigation system or you need your current irrigation system repaired, we can help.

Ponds/Koi Pond's - Some of our most beautiful landscape projects have included ponds or koi ponds. We are experts in designing self sustaining balanced eco system ponds.

Water Features - Adding a water feature to your landscape design plan or hardscape design plan always makes a great conversation piece. The right water feature will enhance any yard.

Drainage Problems - The homes and properties in Atlanta are typically on hills and we routinely create permanent solutions to the most daunting drainage problems. If you have a drainage problem, we will permanently solve your drainage issue.

Custom Arbors - A custom arbor is always a beautiful design feature to add to your front or back yard. The right custom arbor will make your hardscape stand out.

Fences - Mobile Joe's Landscaping has installed most every type of fence and gate imaginable. We can design and install a maintenance free fence for you.

Retention Ponds - Clearing out retention and detention ponds is one of our specialties. Mobile Joe's Landscaping has handled very large multiple retention pond cleanups and we will also handle the smallest retention pond maintenance. Maintaining your retention or detention pond is required by every county in Georgia so please call us today if you need a reliable partner to bring your retention pond up-to-code.

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If you need a reliable landscaping partner to maintain your lawn or if you need a landscaping company to design a new hardscape, you can always count on Mobile Joe's Landscaping to help you create the yard of your dreams. Call or contact our Atlanta Landscaping Design Company for your next landscaping service!

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