Alpharetta Retaining Walls

Do you have a retaining wall that needs to be rebuilt or repaired? Would you like expert advice about whether you need a retaining wall to help a drainage or erosion issue in your yard? At Mobile Joe’s Landscaping, our design specialists can help with your Alpharetta retaining wall construction or retaining wall repair.

From surveying your land to design and installation of retaining walls, Mobile Joe’s Landscaping can take care of all of your retaining wall needs. For over 20 years our expert design specialist have created and installed retaining walls of every kind.

Retaining Wall Repairs

In addition to your landscape design, we believe retaining walls should be both functional and a visual enhancement for your yard; serving multiple purposes if possible. At Mobile Joe’s, we can help you decide what type of wall would architecturally look best in your yard while doing the structural job the retaining wall is designed for.

We are happy to design a retaining wall for your Alpharetta home or business that suits your needs and your budget. We have had massive success in retaining wall repair, taking a deteriorating or failing retaining wall and properly reinforcing the wall and making it like new.

Retaining Wall Contractors

Our retaining wall experience and expertise is vast and we have experience working with all types of retaining wall materials including brick, stacked stone, modular block and pressure treated timber. We are happy to provide you with pictures and referrals on our numerous retaining wall projects, including a beautiful and enormously large retaining wall project that we completed in the Crooked Creek subdivision.

Contact our Alpharetta Retaining Wall Professionals at Mobile Joe’s Landscaping today and let us get started on your Alpharetta retaining wall project. Whether you need a small retaining wall built around a flower bed or a full back yard landscape design with multiple retaining walls, Mobile Joe’s Landscaping can handle all of your Alpharetta retaining wall or retaining wall repair needs!

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